Films were made for a variety of courses which included English, Computer Science and, of course, Communication Technology. I was behind the camera in most of my films since I have no acting skills what so ever. Instead, I “hired” fellow students as actors who were paid with a variety of food items. For me, the most enjoyable part of making films was the editing process in which I used software such as Windows Movie Maker, Adobe Flash, Adobe Premier, and Adobe After Effects. Nevertheless, before any of the filming and editing process happens, all films require a vast amount of preproduction planning.

Computers are Cool

The Break In Photo Essay

A Rose for Rose

National Geografic

Robotics Club Documentary

The Kite Runner Photo Essay

The Physics of Fatality

Annoyances and Disturbances

Society of Eye Examiners (SEE)

The Prettyful Unicorn

The Victimizer Movie Trailer

Does the Internet Make Us Stupid?

Entertainment and Global Gossip (EGG)

How to Be Ninja

Robofest Video Submission
[VEX Design Systems]

Robofest Video Submission
[LEGO Mindstorms]